Danish Nicole Broch Larsen turned pro in 2013 and carded her first win on the Ladies European Tour in 2015 when she won the Helsingborg Open. She was also named Player of the Year in 2015, won the Symetra Tour in 2016 and gained her LPGA tour card for 2017 through Q-School.

We caught up with her at the Ricoh Women’s British Open at Woburn for this interview and our One on One video:

What’s the best thing about being on tour?

I would say all the friendships I have, I love spending time with all my colleagues and having fun with them. This week (at the Ricoh) we have table tennis in the players’ lounge and we have a lot of fun with that. It’s good fun.

Who are your best friends on tour?

I spend a lot of time with the Spanish girls, and the Danish girls obviously.

Is it cliquey?

It can be yeah, you know who talks to each other and stuff like that but I try to give everyone a smile and say hello and be friendly. I don’t want to be someone who’s only talking to certain people.

Danish national teamWhat do you miss about home?

My family the most. I Skype a lot with them while I’m away and the first thing I will do when I get home is go and see my big brother and my niece. She doesn’t care how I play as she’s only three years old, it’s just nice to get home and be with her.

What else do you do in your free time?

I try to see my boyfriend, he also plays golf and he lives four hours away in the middle of Denmark so we have to try and find a way to coordinate our schedules. I also see my friends and just spend time chilling and hanging out.

Who is your golfing inspiration?

I always say I don’t have one person who I look up to, I take bits from different golfers. Like Ian Poulter when he played the Ryder Cup, I like his energy and I think he’s really cool. I mean any good golfer hitting the ball well is nice to watch.

How’s your short game?

It’s pretty good, the worst part of my game is my iron game and I’m working on that.

Nicole Broch LarsenWhat’s the best country you’ve been to?

Australia, because the weather was great and it’s such a relaxed country and the people are really nice. I love that you can just go to the beach and relax all day. Dubai was one of my favourites as well.

What’s the best course you’ve played?

Sahalee in Seattle where the KPMG was last year, it was really tough but it was amazing, really nice.

Is being on tour tiring?

It can be yes, this year I spent three weeks in Australia and then a week at home and then a week in China, that was exhausting. But I chose to do it and I can pick my tournaments.

How do you cope with jet lag?

When I go to America I try to prepare myself when I’m at home by figuring out when I should eat and sleep, and try to get into the time zone before I leave.

Round one Olympics imagesHow do you pass long flights?

I watch a lot of movies and Netflix. I love Greys Anatomy, and right now I’m watching Unforgettable.

What’s a lesser known country that’s great for golf?

I would say we have great courses in Denmark but I don’t think a lot of people have been there. We have them all over.

Best place for a cocktail?

I would say maybe England.

What do you always pack when you travel?

Protein bars, just to survive. I’m quite picky with food so I’m always having protein bars if I don’t like anything on the menu.

If you could take another player on holiday who would it be?

I would take one of the Sanz sisters from Spain because we are really good friends. Either Martha or Patricia.

Nicole plays on the Ladies European Tour. Follow her on Twitter: @Broch_Nicole

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