Everyone who plays on one of Elaine’s teams knows there are going to be lots of pictures that week. Elaine loves a good picture and every time the phone comes out we all have a great laugh. There were lots of selfies and I always got roped into taking them. We even got Elaine using Snapchat by the end of the week.


We all made a playlist for the week. It was funny that the girls who were based in America all knew newer music than the rest of us. We have a group WhatsApp chat so we are all still in contact which is good. One night we all tried to find old pictures of us from when we were younger that weren’t nice, just for a laugh, which was super funny. It was like who could find the funniest photo.

Curtis Cup 2016


Everyone on the team just clicked straight away. Elaine made a special effort to make sure we did fun things together and to make sure there was a good atmosphere in the team rooms. Maria Dunne was 32, but you wouldn’t have known. Elaine was joining inon the banter and the slagging!

We have a lot of jokes that just our team got, like memorable things that someone said or did, or just things that we could all joke and laugh about regularly.


I do miss all the team but we still see each other at a lot of events, which is good. Playing for GB&I is the biggest honour for me, it always tends to be the most memorable week of the year. Any chance you get to represent your country is a great experience.

Olivia is currently attending Arizona State University. Follow her on Twitter: @OliviaMehaffey

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