It’s already been an exciting year for two-time Ladies European Tour winner Carly Booth. She started 2017 by signing with Cobra Puma golf and switching away from Nike equipment and apparel for the first time in her career.

But Booth is no stranger to making headlines. As an amateur she burst onto the golf scene at just 12-years-old when she played with Sandy Lyle in the British Masters Pro-Am. At 14 she then appeared in her first professional event, the Ladies Scottish Open, where she finished 13th in the field. This then set her up to have a fantastic amateur career and a smooth transition into the professional ranks.

LG’s Harriet Shephard caught up with Carly at the the Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship.

What do you do you’re not playing golf?

I just spend time with my family and get practicing for the next event. There’s not much else you can do, I just work on my game and have some fun.

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Do you miss home when you’re travelling?

Travelling is just part of what we do really. I tend to have a couple of weeks away and then I go home for a while. At least now I live in Manchester it’s much easier to fly home on a Sunday night then when I lived in Scotland. It’s sometimes nice to go home even for just a night when you’ve been away for a few weeks.

What do you miss the most?

If he’s not with me then I really miss my boyfriend. As he works he obviously can’t come away with me all the time.

We try to call each other a lot, if I’m away for 7-8 weeks or so that’s when it gets a bit harder and we’ll FaceTime more. But if I’m away for just week it isn’t too bad and we can manage.

I also miss my puppy!

Who is your golfing inspiration?

Gary PlayerThere are so many great golfers and legends. But probably Gary Player because of what he’s achieved and because of what he’s still doing for golf today. He’s very much my hero.

What do you do in your free time?

I like to go to the gym and go shopping. My boyfriend is in finance and he’s been encouraging me to have more of a social life. I’m going out more, not partying but being more social and having a bit more of a life outside of golf.

You just get so used to spending most nights in a hotel room watching Netflix, but sometimes I need to go out and do something different and see my friends.

I think you can get into a bad habit of thinking,  ‘Oh I’ll just stay in tonight’, but he’s made me into a more outgoing person.

Do you suffer with jet lag?

I went to China a few times last year and sometimes I would end up waking up super early. But that kind of actually suited me, so it wasn’t too bad. It depends when I arrive and how I react straight away, if I go for a nap it might spoil everything. I think the best way is to try and stay awake for as long as possible and get into the routine as quickly as you can.

What’s the best country you’ve visited?

I love Dubai, America and the UK. They’re my three favourites, but there’s been something great about everywhere I’ve been. I’ve been to so many. But it depends on the week and how I’ve played as to how I remember a place.

What are your favourite courses?

Loch Lomand - Carrick CourseI think one of my favourites is Loch Lomand, and then Yas Links in Abu Dhabi, which is designed by the same people.

Find out more by following Carly on Twitter: @CarlyBooth92 , Instagram: @carlyabooth or by checking out her website:

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