When traveling for golf, it’s important to integrate properly with the local culture. If you’re off on an adventure to check out the courses with a partner or friends, it helps to attempt to understand the culture – not just out of respect, but also to make the trip even more enjoyable. So, just how can you become more culturally enlightened while golfing?

Eat the local cuisine

There’s no point flying halfway across the world and eating the same things you would at home. You’re there to get out on the green more than you are to dine, but that doesn’t mean food won’t be part of the trip. Experiencing food in a new place is exciting and isn’t something everybody has the opportunity to do. If you’re going somewhere and want to push the boundaries on new cuisines, it can help to get an idea of what to expect in advance.

For example, many visitors to Asian countries may find the food very different to the food in Western countries. Takeaway sites like deliveroo.co.uk have simplified the process of ordering a Chinese and enjoying plates like duck and rice or sweet and sour dishes can introduce you to the kinds of flavours you might experience if you ever found yourself in China (home to Mission Hills Golf Club, the world’s largest golfing complex).

Conduct yourself respectfully

Some of the world’s best golf courses may well be found in countries where the culture may vastly differ from your own. If your next golfing trip is in Dubai, for example, you need to remember that women are expected to dress modestly. There is no need to observe religious coverings, but you should make sure your shoulders are covered and your skirts and trousers aren’t too short.

No matter where you are, respect the culture, religions and traditions of the local people and don’t get too rowdy – yes, many top golf hotspots double as fantastic vacation destinations, but not all cultures are going to be okay with it if you have a few too many cocktails after a game!


Many communities rely on tourism. A trip that starts out just for golfing can soon lead to exploration in a number of ways. Depending on where you are in the world, there may well be museums, temples and outdoor trails waiting to be explored. Always pay a fair price to local people and do your best to ensure you’re giving the community support.

The best way to learn more about the area you’re visiting is to talk to the locals. Sites like www.tripdvisor.com can be a big help when exploring new territory, but there’s something really fascinating about meeting the people who make a place exactly what it is. And who knows? You may even meet a new friend who could accompany you around the course.

At the end of the day, you don’t want to go all the way around the world and only be able to describe the golf course. While these are undoubtedly unique to wherever you go, there’s often a local area that shaped that course and made it the way it is.