This is a fun shot to play. The key to playing a lob shot well is to get the clubhead to pass your hands. This means you are allowing the loft and bounce of the club to slide under the ball and adding loft which creates a high launch angle and a soft descent to stop the ball quickly.


charley hull lob 1

1) Charley sets up very similar to how she would for a bunker shot – wide stance, ball forward and minimal forward lean of the shaft.

charley hull lob 2

2) See how Charley picks the club up with her wrists. This adds more loft to the clubface as she is cupping her left wrist.

charley hull lob 3

3) The loft of the club is pointing up to the sky and the palm of the right hand looking up to the sky. You can also see how Charley’s legs have not moved, which again promotes wrist action.

charley hull lob 4

4) Charley likes to feel she is putting the butt of the grip in her left pocket, this encourages her to release the clubhead with speed under the ball and stops her hands getting ahead of the clubhead.

Pro Tip To feel the correct release of the clubhead throw some balls underarm as high as you can. Put your hands back on the club and feel as if you are still throwing that ball, this will get you swinging correctly. It is also important to understand you do not aim to hit the ball first here, aim to hit one inch behind.

Tip from Dan Grieve who is the senior professional at Woburn and has been at the club for 10 years. He has worked with Charley on her short game for the past four years.

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