Four point kneeling with lifts and lowers


Glutes, core muscles, and shoulder stability – this move works on stability in some areas whilst also lengthening and strengthening other muscles. Being able to balance your body is a skill you will use regularly on the golf course, think bunkers and in uphill and downhill stances.


Step 1 – Start on all fours with your knees together (or slightly apart for a harder level). Keep your neck long and the lower back almost flat throughout the exercise.

Step 2 – Slide one foot out on the floor until your leg is straight, then simultaneously lift the leg and opposite arm. Hold it still and lengthen your shoulders away from your ears, feel your spine lengthen and your core muscles engage. Breathe in as you dip the hand and foot down, then breathe out to lengthen back up.


Before attempting the full exercise bring your knees together and test your balance by lengthening and lifting one leg behind you, before adding the opposite arm. When you are able to balance in this position, add 10 lifts and hold the last one for 2-5 seconds before changing sides.

Linda Segerstam is a Body Control Pilates Level 3 and PGA Level 1 coach who specialises in golf-specific Pilates exercises targeting core strength, flexibility and alignment of joints. She worked with Body Control Pilates, the largest Pilates teaching organisation in Europe, developing their Pilates for Golfers teaching programme. The Intelligent Core offers Pilates private lessons, classes and interactive movement training workshops.

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Images: Stefan Dahl

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