If like me you sat glued to the TV for the first two Major championships of the year – the Kraft Nabisco and then the Masters – then I bet you can’t wait for the next two coming up in June.

What’s more we’ll be able to see nightly highlights of the Curtis Cup, which is the same week as the Wegman’s LPGA Championship (June 7-10) and then the following week it’s the men’s US Open.

At the moment, when anyone asks me to predict who’s going to win the next women’s Major, I automatically say Yani Tseng, and with some conviction.

Yani’s success rate is almost 50 per cent and as an informed observer I just see her swing and golf game getting better and better.

Yani will be the defending when the LPGA Championship is played at Locust Hill in Rochester, New York, so she knows and likes the course.

If I were having a bet, my money would be on her winning again, but if you do have a wager, you won’t get very good odds!

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