My philosophy on chipping is quite simple: I use very little wrist action. It is all about the shoulders, arms and hands.
The hips and knees follow very softly but are not active. Chipping is an upper-body movement and leg action should
be kept to the minimum.

Carin Koch ChippingCarin Koch Chipping

If you are looking for some security then try using more of an upright set-up and hit the ball with the toe of the club. This is particularly useful if the ball is sitting down as the toe will get through the rough easier and the hosel won’t get snagged up and twist the clubhead.

You will need to adopt more of a putting stroke. Stand nearer the ball, don’t use the wrists, grip down a bit and, again, trust the loft. The strike will be slightly more dead so you will need to hit it a bit harder.

Carin Koch Chipping

Carin Koch Chipping

This drill will make you hit down on the ball and use your body rather than your legs. Withdraw your right foot and hit some chips.

You will have to use your shoulders and core to swing through the ball and it will keep your legs and hips fairly still. And, like the opening drill, it will encourage you to stay low and hit down on the ball.


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