Charley is following the ball with her eyes and letting her head and chest rotate. This allows the clubhead to flow through the ball with the bounce of the club bruising the grass. This keeps her clubhead speed consistent and ultimately creates feel and control.

Amateurs tend to get wrapped up in ‘keeping their head down’ which is the worst advice possible as your chest also stays still and leads to the hands flicking at the ball.

charley hull - shaft tip


With the chest bone and head just in front of the ball this helps her control the bottom of the arc. A lot of amateurs overdo the forward shaft lean and take all of the bounce off, this makes the leading edge sharp and it digs in to the ground causing duffed chips.

Charley has a slight lean but still maintains some of the bounce on the club. Having the left foot flared is very important as it allows her to get her shoulders level with the ground and weight positioned on the left leg. It also helps Charley rotate through the shot.

charley hull - turn tip


Notice how Charley has had little or no hip rotation, she has taken it away with her chest and the club head is beautifully on plane. She does not need to manipulate the blade back to the ball. For the basic low chip we work on getting the leading edge matching her spine which you can see she is doing here.

Pro Tip – Charley holds the grip very loose and her arms hang in a relaxed fashion for almost all her short-game shots. Amateurs tend to grip the club far too tightly which is not conducive to touch and feel.

Tips from Dan Grieve. Dan is the senior professional at Woburn Golf Club and has been at the club for 10 years. He has worked with Charley on her short game for the past four years and is renowned as being a specialist in this area. In addition Dan works with Sir Clive Woodward on elite coaching programmes.


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