Lorena Ochoa finally get inducted to the Hall of Fame

Pernilla Lindberg ends her season by answering a very important question

Michelle Wie uses her off season for a hike through a jungle

Casual stroll thru the jungle #JurassicPark #wheredemdinosaurs

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Dec 11, 2016 at 1:21pm PST

Aza has a hospital trip, which teaches us all to listen to our body

So after feeling really sick since Wednesday night(yes, I'm pretty stubborn) I finally went to the hospital yesterday morning, run a few tests,and had appendicitis. So a few hours later I was under the knife. Everything went really well so I'm thankful for that. Obviously I feel like I had a bit of fun w mike Tyson, or he had fun w me I should say, but I'm doing good. My hubby @timothyjamesv has been more than amazing and has been taking really good care of me since Wednesday….I'm a lucky girl!?obviously it's gonna be a bit of a recovery, not exactly sure how long. But this time I'll be smart and listen to my body. And I won't start until I'm ready to rock again. Hopefully soon. I'm not gonna lie, it was pretty upsetting news and I cried my share. All I could think about is "here we go again". But that's so selfish and putting things in perspective this is really nothing and I have so many things to be thankful for and this is just a tiny bump. ☺️ I'll be back!???? Bueno, os cuento un poco. Me empecé a encontrar muy mal el miércoles por la noche y ayer ya no aguantaba más y fui al hospital. Lo sé, cabezota como mi padre. ? Me hicieron unas pruebas y tenía apendicitis. Así que unas horas más tarde ya estaba en quirófano!!! Todo ha ido muy bien aunque me siento como si Mike Tyson me hubiera pegado una paliza!??? Tim es el mejor marido y me ha estado cuidando desde el miércoles!!?ahora toca recuperarme. No estoy segura cuándo podré volver a entrenar o hacer físico. Pero esta vez seré inteligente y voy a escuchar a mi cuerpo. Así que hasta que no esté lista no volveré a entrenar. Ojalá sea pronto. No os voy a engañar, cuando me dieron la noticia me pegué una buena llorera. Sólo podía pensar, "otra vez". Pero si lo ponemos todo en perspectiva esto es una tontería y tengo taaaantas cosas por las que estar agradecida. Esto solo es un pequeño imprevisto. Volveré!!????

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Alex Perry


Alex is a Devonian who enjoys wittering on about his south west roots, Alex moved north to join NCG after more than a decade in London, the last five of which were with ESPN. Away from golf, Alex follows Torquay United and spends too much time playing his PlayStation or his guitar and not enough time practising his short game.

Handicap: 14

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