Earliest golfing memory?

“Seve. I don’t really come from a golfing family but I remember the majors being on TV. It’s the real stars like Seve that really stick in your mind.”

Best golfing memory?

“Going inside the ropes for the first time at the 2007 Open at Royal Birkdale. To see the pros close-up was amazing. Or playing Royal Portrush on a calm and sunny day – that was magical and was easily one of the best courses I have played.”

Worst golfing memory?

“A Help for Heroes charity golf day in armageddon conditions. You couldn’t take an umbrella or hold anything that was going to blow away. The only part of me that was dry at the end of it was inside my armpits and between my legs. But there was about 40 celebrities there and everyone finished 18 holes and raised about £100,000 for the charity.”

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Best part of your own game?
Georgie bingham-playing golf
“Driver. I hit a 300-yard drive a while back. We had to go back to the tee and measure it because no one would believe it. When I started I got to 22 very easily with a good long-game. Now I just need to work on the hard stuff.”

Worst part of your own game?

“Last shot to the green. Particularly if it is sat in the rough because you know you’ve got to commit to it and there’s a chance it can fly 40 yards over the green.”

Best player you’ve played with?
Anton Du Beke playing golf
“Anton Du Beke he is the most beautiful player with a golf club in his hand. And the golf swing is a little bit like dancing.”

Best advice you’ve received?

“Making sure I pause for half a second at the top of the backswing. I always come through the ball better when I do.”

Worst advice you’ve received?

“Getting advice from 18-handicappers annoys me. I wouldn’t dream of giving anyone advice as I’m not good enough.

“I once played with an elderly 18-handicapper who told me I didn’t keep my head over the ball after hitting my first bad drive of the day. I was about eight shots better than him at this point. I walked away with stream coming out of my ears.”

A 300-yard drive every time or never miss a 6ft putt?

“Never miss a six-foot putt. Putting is everything in golf. I don’t expect to hole putts over 10ft, I just try and get them close. You should be making the ones from inside 10ft.”

Weirdest golfing dream you’ve ever had?

“I do have golfing dreams. One involves a load of big cuddly, puppet-type characters and I’m the only human on the golf course. I think all gold dreams are about not being good enough at golf.”

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