Golfers in sunglasses – cool or uncool?

Following the news that Open champion Henrik Stenson has launched his very own glasses company we take a look at those to have graced the fairways with tinted spectacles.

The Swede believes sunglasses to be a key element to his golfing success but there have been some very cool and VERY worrying style choices down the years.

Let’s take a look at who made our cool or uncool list..

Henrik StensonGolfers in sunglasses

Alright, so the it’s the king of cool first up. Henrik loves his glasses so much he has now branched out to make his own company.

The Swede was a slick guy before, but now.. phwoar.


Michelle WieGolfers in sunglasses

Not totally convinced by this one.. stylish or not so stylish? We’ll let you decide..

Alright, they’re pretty funky – cool.

Fuzzy Zeller

Golfers in sunglasses

Come on, we couldn’t compile a list without this man.


Paula CreamerGolfers in sunglasses

Paula is sponsored by Sundog Eyewear – need we say more. I think she sleeps in them, right Paula?


Adam Scott

Golfers in sunglasses

So as an Australian Adam Scott is certainly used to the sunny weather – and he’s probably one of the best looking guys on Tour. But he really does love his Oakley’s.

So, purely out of jealousy that he’s a Masters champion, rich, good at golf AND a top bloke..

Uncool. (FINE, cool.)

Charley Hull

Golfers in sunglasses

Maybe not a serial sunglasses wearer but purely for this brilliant picture Charley gets an honourable mention!

Not so cool, Miss Hull.

Zach Johnson

Golfers in sunglasses

Alright Zach, the joke is over now you can take them off.. no? Oh. Well, the USA Ryder Cup star REALLY does seem to have a pair of spectacles for every occasion.

He even has one that makes everything brighter for those dull days.. (dedication!)


David Duval

Golfers in sunglasses

Dave, it might be time to put take them off. You’re starting to get the ‘Dad having a mid-life crisis’ look.

Sorry, uncool.

Ian Poulter

Golfers in sunglasses

It’s fair to say Mr Poulter prides himself on his fashion having started up his own clothing brand, IJP Design. Unlike Henrik he has left the glasses alone (for now!) but he still styles them out pretty well.. they even match his outfit more often than not.


Honourable mention – Rory McIlroy

Golfers in sunglasses

For doing the exact opposite. Why does Rory always wear glasses off course but never on course? Why Rory? Why?

It’s weird. Like, really weird.