Eighty-year-old Marion Ludlam achieved a golfing ambition on May Bank Holiday Monday, when she and her son Stephen, 57, beat off the competition to win the Jubilee Foursomes at Purley Downs, Surrey.

Marion has been playing in the competition for 40 years, but this was the first time she had been part of the winning team.

I asked the golfer how it felt to win after all these years…

Congratulations! Did you expect to win the trophy?

I was surprised to say the least. I didn’t expect to win at all and even at the time it didn’t feel like we’d played our best. But obviously it came together by the end of the round. I’m delighted.

Was the competition tough?

Yes it was, there were 64 players taking part and many of them were a lot younger than me.  My son rejoined the club about 10 years ago and he only really played as a junior before then.

Why do you think that you and Stephen make such a good team?

I just think we’re very compatible. We both remain very calm and don’t get cross about things.

I also played the event with my husband for many years. It was always a priority for us to play in the Bank Holiday competitions when he was able to do it. But he can’t manage 18 holes now so that’s why I play with my son instead, it’s become kind of a family tradition.

Why do you enjoy being a member at Purley Downs?

I’ve been playing there for 40 years, it’s a very friendly club and we’ve made a lot of friends. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else and we really enjoy being there.

Why do you enjoy playing golf?

Apart from keeping you fit, it also keeps you going because you’re constantly arranging to play with people in competitions and you don’t want to let people down.

I always play in the weekly competitions and the ladies knock out competitions and I also try to play 9 holes during the week.

I was Lady Captain in 1993. I really enjoyed it and had a good year. It wasn’t something I had ever aspired to do to be honest but when I took it on it went very well.

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