With the Solheim just days away, now is this time to start honing your face painting skills and getting really, really excited.

Because while this event is amazing to watch, the buzz and anticipation in the lead up is partly what makes it all so fun.

So here are my top 5 reasons why everyone should love Solheim week…

1. The rookies are so happy

While some of the Solheim veterans are used to it all, for the rookies the chance to represent Europe or the USA is very obviously a dream come true.

Seeing Danielle Kang dressed in a USA onesie and Georgia Hall literally jump for joy, you just can’t help but be thrilled for them.

2. The outfit prep is something else

Down to the gloves and accessories, I’ve never seen such well put together, impressive team outfits.

But I mean, if you’ve made it onto the Solheim team why wouldn’t you go all out?

It’s not often we get to dress head-to-toe in colour coordinated outfits with our friends.

Michelle WieΒ obvs wins the award for best shoes with her sparkly Nikes, and I seriously doubt that anyone can top her red, white and blue hair.



3. Patriotic nails become compulsory

Yes, having immaculate Europe/USA nails will make no difference at all to how you play, but just look how fun they look….

Even if we can’t all be in Iowa watching it happen, we can still get into the spirit of things by spending many frustrating hours trying to paint tiny yellow stars on our fingernails. Or you could go to a salon and get them done professionally, just be prepared to get some strange looks.


4. The anticipation for more drama is too much

After the β€˜gimmegateβ€˜ drama of 2015, where Alison Lee mistakenly thought Suzann Pettersen had conceded her putt, I’m sure I’m not the only one who can’t wait to see what controversyΒ this year’s event will bring. It can’t possibly top last year though… can it?

Everyone insists that the whole debacle is behind them. But I bet it will still be a bit awkward for Pettersen.

5. The love between the teams makes you feel all warm inside #girlsquadgoals

Used to competing by themselves, the players look like they love being part of a team with their besties for a change.

Looking at Twitter it seems that the teams also like to mix off the course (for now at least).

American Captain Juli Inkster even went to the extremes of giving the players personality tests to make sure they would get along with each other.





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