The Prize

Five lucky winners will win a dozen customised Vice Golf balls with different Christmas icons printed on them and secure yourself a very special gift for yourself or your beloved ones!

What they say…

Golf balls are Vice Golf’s main business, and they are very serious about it. Their premium series Vice PRO SOFT, PRO and PRO PLUS are cast urethane cover golf balls for low to high speed swingers. The quality speaks for itself:  Vice Golf is the official ball of the German Golf Association (DGL) and has been decorated with several awards in the past years.

It’s simple: Vice Golf makes premium golf balls, sells them over the internet, and ships them directly to the consumer. The balls are as good as anything out there, but a lot less expensive. Moreover, they offer customisation options starting from one dozen – single and double-sided. The easiest, yet most popular Christmas present for every golfer is available online only at

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