I’m a 15 handicapper with aspirations to get down to single figures. However my putting is holding me back. I just seem to three-putt far too often and it’s ruining my scores. What can I do to tackle this?


If you are three-putting regularly you need to consider if your approach shots are good enough and if you are landing on the correct areas of the green to give you the best chance to hole your first putt or, if not, definitely hole the second.

You also have to accept that three-putts will happen now and again.

To improve your putting I recommend trying the following drill:

  • Drop five balls at different spots on the practise green, all different lengths and even going to different holes if you want
  • Then try to hole out each putt you undertake, so ideally in one stroke or two.
  • Keep repeating the drill from different spots to different holes. The idea is that you are honing your judgement and overall putting instincts by trying a variety of putts. You are also practising with consequence, as you are not allowed to repeat or replay the same putt. I hope this helps.


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