Grip pressure is so important. When you grip it too hard you send tension up your arms into your shoulders.

We can all relate to being tight on the 1st tee but you must try to take a deep breath and lighten your grip. Wriggling your fingers might help.

Try to hold the club like you are holding a baby bird: you don’t want to throttle it but nor do you want to let it go.

When I give lessons I try to pull the club out of my pupils’ hands. You should be able to do it without too much effort.

If I pull them off balance then it is too tight. By being looser it will relax your shoulders and arms and you can get into a more comfortable set- up position.

I use the same grip pressure for my driving, iron play and chipping – and it’s even lighter for putting.

You really don’t want any tension in your short game.

Holly plays on the LET Access Series. Follow her on Twitter: @cal1612


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