We met up with a group of lady golfer readers to test out the new Kalea 3 ladies golf clubs from TaylorMade

We headed down to Lightcliffe golf club to meet up with some Lady Golfer readers to undergo our TaylorMade Kalea 3 review find out what they had to say below…

TaylorMade Kalea 3 review: First Impressions

Jean: As an experienced Lady Golfer it was a pleasure to try this new range of clubs. Straight away I thought these were very smart looking clubs and I loved the colouring.

Belinda: These look really good on first viewing although I would say on first impressions the shafts do feel slightly shorter than I am used to.

TaylorMade Kalea 3 review: The Technology

Kalea features TaylorMade’s proven product technologies such as the Speed Pocket. This provides flexibility low on the club-face for high launch and added forgiveness.

TaylorMade Kalea line

A low and back centre of gravity provides an easy to launch club with added forgiveness throughout the set.

In the metalwoods and irons, a new, softer and lighter ultralite graphite shaft has been chosen for its softer flex and lighter overall weight, allowing for increased club-head speed and making the set lighter overall.

All Kalea clubs feature Lamkin’s Sonar Lite 38g grips with the exception of the Lamkin Deep Etched grip found on the putter.

TaylorMade Kalea line

TaylorMade Kalea 3 review: Reader Verdict

Jean: They definitely added distance to my game. Overall the driver was the club which stood out the most, but I also really liked the the hybrids and the putter.

One think I really liked was the nice noise on contact with the ball. It provided really good feedback on how well you had struck the ball.

With the putter I found it really easy to line up, the weighting was great and I have been holing more putts especially longer ones.

TaylorMade Kalea 3 review

Belinda: I liked the driver and its weight. It to me seemed to have a heavier head than mine which I preferred. I found I knew exactly where the club-head was throughout my swing to the ball. Although I found the club length a little short I seemed to adjust and was hitting the ball a lot straighter than with my own driver and a little further without any more effort.

Again I found woods and hybrids gave me a very reliable hit. They seemed to be more forgiving than mine in that they went further and often straighter.

TaylorMade Kalea 3 review

The wedges has a nice balance too however I needed more magic to get out of the bunker – but then that’s me not the clubs!

The putter I again liked its weight and balance. Overall these were a very nice set of clubs.

TaylorMade Kalea 3 review: The details

The TaylorMade Kalea line is made up of the following clubs:

Driver: 12° – £279
Fairway woods: 17° (3) and 20° (5) – £189
Rescue clubs: 26° (5) and 30° (6) – £179
Irons: 7-PW and SW – 5-piece set for £499
Putter: Spider Mini Putter with Pure Roll insert – £219
Ball: £21.99 per dozen
Bag: £139

Available: Now

More information: TaylorMade website

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Hannah Holden

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