At the PGA show 2017 in Orlando, we had the opportunity to try out some weird and wonderful gadgets and other contraptions that could potentially enhance your golf game. One of the more practical inventions we came across was the Alignment Pro.

The Alignment Pro is a very simple yet brilliantly designed training aid to help golfers improve their game.

It can be used to improve all aspects of your game and is the only tool of it’s kind that, since the stick is above the ball, you’re able to perfectly align the club and ball while putting.

By practicing this way, your ability to putt straight every time will quickly increase. Also, by using the markings on the Alignment Pro, you’ll become more aware of how far back you should bring the club in your putting back swing. This will dramatically improve your feel for distance on the putting green.

The Alignment Pro is used by the current world number one Dustin Johnson.

Many golfers lose control when chipping. This is often a result from the angle and arc of their backswings. With the Alignment Pro, your chipping will be more accurate through controlled movement and alignment. You can set up ‘swing gates.’ This will ensure that you’re backswing is at the correct angle and arc.

You can also set the Alignment Pro to help you simultaneously align your feet correctly and maintain the correct club angle for your swing.

For more information on the Alignment Pro visit their website here.