Amy has been a well known name since the age of 15 when in 2008 she won the BBC Young Sportswomen of the year award.

After turning Pro in 2013, she enjoyed a successful rookie year in 2014, accumulating six top-25 finishes that included four top-10’s as well as three top-5 finishes.

Back-to-back top 5 finishes at the German Open and Sherbank Masters saw the young Welsh star pick up over $27,000. Her success was not overlooked and her season was capped by winning the coveted LET Rookie of the year crown.

Amy followed her rookie success with a solid 2015 season. A 4th place finish at the Buick Championship was followed up with an 8th place finish at the Scottish Open.

A 9th place finish at the RICOH British Open saw Amy collect over $60,000 and a very respectable top-10 finish in only her third Open.

Amy BouldenAmy is a brand ambassador for Mizuno and Rohnisch sportswear.

We caught up with her at the Ricoh Women’s British Open at Woburn for this interview and our One on One video:

Do you ring home a lot when you’re on tour?

I’ll try and speak every day, or Skype every night if I can, just to keep in contact so I don’t feel too lonely.

Is it hard being away from your boyfriend?

Yes especially at the start of the year when we are away for six weeks, but we are obviously very lucky to visit these places so sometimes he comes out with me to break the time up.

Who are your best friends on tour?

I spend most of my time with Kelsey MacDonald and Holly Clyburn, they’re the two I spend most of my time with.

Tiger WoodsGolfing inspiration?

Tiger woods, I think he was at his prime when I was growing up so he was someone that I always found exciting to watch and I always looked forward to events with him in it.

What would you do if you weren’t a golfer?

No idea! Probably something to do with sport I think. I do like going to the gym, but I wouldn’t want to be a gym trainer or anything as a job. I do like watching programmes about crime investigations and things like that. Obviously I know its not like that in real life but that would be a cool job.

How do you spend your free time?

On tour we go to the gym or usually go out and spend a day somewhere if we have an afternoon off from practice. We do like to go into Prague when we go there, and see a bit of the city.

How do you get over jet lag?

I just try to rest as much as I can, if I do need to sleep on a long distance flight I’ll get some sleeping tablets from the chemist that you’re allowed and take those.

Sydney Opera House - AustraliaHow do you pass flights?

Watch films, or sleep because I can sleep anywhere.

Best country you’ve been to?


Which resorts really live up to the hype?

Woburn is amazing, or Dubai is one of the best place to go that has everything. It’s the best for winter golf as well.

Best place to have a cocktail?

Gold coast in Australia because of the weather and the views.

Tips for travel?

Always have a neck pillow for flights, always have your ear phones for music, and make sure you have sweets for the plane.

What do you miss most about home?

My family and my boyfriend, I don’t so much miss where I’m from. It’s more the people and in some countries I miss the food.

Who’s the best person to sit next to on a flight?

Kelsey MacDonald. I think because we room together we know each other’s personalities and when we want to sleep and when we want to go to bed.

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