What’s the best thing about being on tour?

Travelling is always nice and playing really good courses. I get to see lots of different cultures and learn a lot about the people in lots of countries. I’ve been out for 14 years now so I’ve seen a lot.

What do you do when not playing golf?

Right now it’s totally different because I’ve recently become a mother. Now when I’m not playing golf I’m very busy with other stuff!

I really like sports so I used to go watch ice hockey, football and go shopping and to the movies.

Do you have a best friend on tour?

Not really I tend to mix a little bit with everyone.

Most people are really friendly. So you can sit down and have lunch with anyone really.

Solheim Cup - Annika SorenstamWho is your golfing inspiration?

I was lucky enough to play with Annika who is 10 years older than me. She’s always been an inspiration but she’s not a stranger because we’ve played Solheim cup together and things. But she’s always been a big inspiration and role model for me.

Do you miss home when you’re away?

I do yes, especially now that I have a little child.

Normally I just get by through Skyping and Facetiming home a lot. I’m lucky that I have that opportunity to do that and it makes it a lot easier.

Linda WessbergBest course you’ve played?

We play a lot of good courses. I like Woburn, I was really amazed by it the first time I played there.

Best country?

Australia, too bad it’s so far away but I really like it.

Best place for a cocktail?

Maybe Singapore

Linda WessbergDo you get jet lag?

I’m actually pretty good at sleeping on planes. So I try to sleep when I travel and look at the time difference before I leave and try to deal with it early. It works out pretty good and I don’t really have a problem with it.

Where’s a great place for golf that not many people know about?

We played a really good course in the Czech Republic called the Albatross golf club. It’s just outside Prague and I thought that was really nice, I think the European tour are playing there now. So I would say Prague.

Is it tiring moving about so often/living out a suitcase?

It’s been my life since I went to college and played college golf when I was 18. I’m used to it, it’s a lifestyle. I wouldn’t say it was tiring but sometimes I don’t like packing and it takes forever to pack sometimes. But it’s a lifestyle you choose to have so you just do it.

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