Equipment editor Hannah Holden is joined by two readers to test out the new G Le 2 range from Ping

Our Ping G Le 2 club review took place at Lightcliffe golf club where we met up with some of the ladies section to see what they thought of the new Ping G Le 2 range.

Ping G Le 2 club review: First Impressions

Overall this set looks really attractive along with the matching bag and accessories. I know most ladies like buying a full set that matches rather than buying individual clubs so this is something that is really important.

Ping G Le 2 club review

Ping G Le 2 club review: The Technology

The G Le 2 range is designed to be lighter than its predecessor. Across the range the clubs are faster with more flexible faces for increased distance.

The driver is designed to provide more club-head speed with the introduction of a A thinner T9S+ face which increases ball speed. It is also lighter than the G Le it offers up to 5% higher MOI (moment of inertia) for increased distance and forgiveness.

The fairway woods feature C300 maraging steel face increases ball speed up to 2mph, while the face is also shallower for easy launch.

Ping G Le 2 club review

Positioned together, the G Le 2 hybrids and irons are lighter than G Le to produce greater distance. The hybrids are available in 4, 5, 6 and 7 to remove the need for long irons.

The hybrids offer 6% higher MOI than the previous range, while a Carpenter 455 steel face is 15% thinner to increase ball speed by 1mph.

The irons have 10% higher MOI, plus a co-moulded cavity badge and Cor-Eye technology for faster face flexing, greater distance and increased height on shots. Complementing the hybrids, the G Le 2 irons are available in 6-9, plus PW, UW and SW.

The putters feature a Dual-Durometer Insert providing a soft layer for precision and a firm layer for control, without sacrificing ball speed.

Ping G Le 2 club review: NCG Verdict – Hannah (+1 handicap)

So this range isn’t something that would be specifically designed for me due to the fact I have higher club head speeds than a typical lady club golfer. But once these were in the office I couldn’t resist giving them a try.

One of the first things I noticed when I picked up the clubs is how great the grips feel, the texture was great and they are also slightly slimmer than previous versions which really appealed to me.

As a general note I found all the clubs easy to hit due to their light nature. I lost a few shots left initially, due to the shafts being lighter than I am used to, but once I adjusted my swing speed I hit some really great shots.

Ping G Le 2 club review

I was really impressed with the quality of strike and smash factor I was getting across the range, especially with the fairway woods and hybrids.

The bright colour on the putter makes it instantly stand out and I was worried the colour might be distracting, but I soon got used to it. There was a really nice feel off the face, it feels soft and smooth with no unwanted sound and vibration. Another great feature is the fact it is adjustable so you can alter the length relative to your needs.

Ping G Le 2 club review: Reader Verdict – Vicky (9 handicap)

The stand out club for me was the three wood, I found it so easy to hit. I was actually getting a lot more height on my shots than I do with my current three wood and it was travelling further. It sits very well behind the ball and gives you confidence to hit a good shot. It performed well both off the tee and from the fairway.

Ping G Le 2 club review

Personally I preferred the hybrids to the 7 wood and actually found I hit the 4 hybrid quite a bit further than the 7 wood. I think it just looked like there was too much loft on the face at set-up.

The irons sit really nicely behind the ball and I found them light and easy to swing. I created a higher ball flight than normal which meant I could hold greens where my ball normally runs through the back. I got a really consistent strike throughout the set and they felt pretty forgiving. I also found the white line on the club-face helped me keep the club square at address.

Ping G Le 2 club review

The putter was a gem. I wasn’t expecting to like it as I have always used an Anser and don’t normally go for mallets. I actually putted really well with this on the course, the white line made alignment easy. The face felt soft and produced a good roll helping me hole lots of long and short putts.

Ping G Le 2 club review: Reader Verdict – Sarah (14 handicap)

Straight away I thought the driver was very attractive and really liked the colouring. I found I got a really nice ball flight with this club, there are quite a lot of trees to carry on our course and it gave me the confidence that I could easily get over them. I also found it went straighter than my current driver.

The 3-wood was great as it generated a really nice high ball flight and helped me gain some distance.

Ping G Le 2 club review

I really liked the fact there are hybrids to replace the long irons, I don’t like hitting long irons so I think this is a really great addition to the range. As well as using the 4 and 5 hybrids I am also going to purchase a 6 hybrid as I found I hit the hybrids further and more consistently. Overall I found the hybrids very easy to hit.

One of my favourite details about the clubs was actually the grips, the texture was great and I also thought the colour was really attractive.

Ping G Le 2 club review

Instantly I loved the way the putter looked, especially the colouring. But the best thing was a white line down the centre which made it really easy to line up. The shape of the grip was excellent too. One of my playing partners liked it so much that she ended up playing with it too!

Ping G Le 2 club review: The Details

Available: Now

SRP: From £126

For more information visit the Ping website. 

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