Rebecca McGinley holds the 2015 UK womens Long Drive title, and finished 3rd at the 2015 World Long Drive Championships.

She played in ten LETAS tournaments during 2015. Her best finish of the season came at the final tournament of the season, the WPGA International Challenge.

Rebecca joins us down at The Shack to talk us through how she hits a fade shot..

I always look at getting it started left of target and have it finishing on the target. I have my feet going slightly left as well as my hips and shoulders aiming left too.

You want to make sure you are swinging along the line of your feet, have the face going to where you want the ball to finish.

It looks a bit funny when you are standing over the ball but you just have to commit to it really.

Rebecca and the Pro sat back down to talk about the three key points when hitting a fade..

1- Align your body left of target

2- Club face aiming at target

3- Hold your shot through impact