It’s time for another episode of ‘Second Hand Shorts’. You can watch some of the other episodes of the series below: 

Today’s short is all about how to stop skying your driver. Our pro, James Whitaker, talks us through the problem from Reunion Resort in Orlando…

This is mainly due to you being too steep into the ball.

One thing you have to remember is when you are teeing up your golf ball that ball is in the air. If you are skying the driver you are catching the ball at the top of the club.

So to start with just check the height of the tee peg and make sure you haven’t teed it up too high.

At most you want half the ball above the top of the club. As you make the transition down into the ball lets not get too steep and hit down on it too much.

You are going to try and sweep it off then tee. Make the normal setup, nice wide stance and feel like you are just sweeping that ball from the tee.